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Our company is a specialized distributor of pharmaceuticals, which has been supplying pharmacies and distributors with pharmaceutical products since 2004.

Within the framework of parallel import authorization, our company was the first to register and subsequently offer medicines to customers at a better price in 2008. Since 2012, we have expanded our offer to Czech pharmacies and their patients, providing supplies of medicines that are not available in the Czech Republic, have no substitute and are essential for effective patient treatment, through extraordinary imports.

Our aim is to bring medicines to patients in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe at more favourable price conditions and also to provide those medicines that are not available through the regular distribution network. We do this by purchasing from other EU countries as well as from outside the EU.

It is important for us to be a stable, trustworthy and good partner for our customers and their patients.

We trust that you will be satisfied with our services,

Your Pharmedex s.r.o.

Our Services

Concurrent import of pharmaceuticals

The aim is to ensure that Czech patients have medicines under the same favourable conditions as patients elsewhere in Europe. Therefore, we search for medicines available on European markets at more favourable conditions and ensure their distribution in the Czech Republic.

Exceptional import of pharmaceuticals

The aim is to ensure the import of medicines that will enable patients in hospitals to receive the most effective treatment. These are medicines that are required for the treatment of a patient but are not available in the Czech Republic and have no available alternative, but are registered and available in other EU countries.


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